Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness has bloomed since it hit the fitness industry in the 90s, and it is still going like a rocket!

Pole Dancing is not only seen as a fitness regime but has also now been rebranded as a sophisticated, strength based competitive sport, with worldwide competitions. There is even talk of it being featured in the Olympics!

These classes are for anyone and everyone, all sizes, genders, and levels.

In our beginners classes we start from scratch focusing on key skills and strength training. Our Pole classes are also great for advanced gymnasts and dancers wishing to add a new technique to their repetoire.

Our Pole Studios have the highest quality apparatus. We are fully equipped to offer the best standard out there!

10 Pole set up at our YMCA studio, 5 Pole set up at Abbey Leisure, and 6 Pole set up at our beautiful Milton studio

This means we guarantee we will never exceed a limit of 2 people per pole.